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    Every few months or weeks, depending on my mood I always look at more tracking apps for my mobile seeing which is the best to use...
    However I forget them all, so i'll be added them all in one spot to remember the ones on the market and I guess others can use these to look around.
    I will say some I prefer a lot more then others - mainly based on aethestics... but I can say some only alarm once the screen is on if you click locate, while others take a bit and some i found are very effective! (I loved AVG's & Clutch - but there are some dicky things) while others did have quality but its other security features like app lockers were a sore to the eye and its a bit annoying having 2 apps just do lock / track when one can do both and look pretty. I know how OCD.

    Android Anti Theft Security
    Antivirus Security - FREE*
    Find My Phone
    Cell Phone Tracker
    Lookout Security & Antivirus*
    Lookout Plan B (for 2-2.3)
    Mobile Care*
    NQ Mobile Antivirus
    Trustgo Mobile Security
    KMS Free
    Prey Anti-Theft
    Avast Mobile Security*
    Android Lost
    Wheres my droid
    KMS Security
    AVG Mobile antivirus security*
    Phone Locator Pro

    *My preferred ones
    04-19-2013 09:08 PM

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