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Hello everyone I have been a solid use of Cm Security for over 5 yes, today I woke up and realized that Securty Master is no longer on the google play store. Doing further research I found out why. My question is what's the best alternative.

Please offer some good suggestions. I understand that most people are of the belief that a security all in one suit is not necessary for your phone. But I am one who feels more comfortable being able to scan for viruses. Have real time protection, app lock for my apps, take a picture of a snooper as well as other great things that this app offered.

I am not saying that the apps you recommend need to have these features. But if I ask anything is that the app be free. I realize that avast, avg and Kaspersky, have free suits but I have found more often than not. That the premium features are normally the ones the phone needs the most. And if you don't have the premium, the apps get stripped down to the basic necessities of scanning manually for virus and malware.

Apps that I am considering


It's been a while since I have had to choose a security app. So I am unaware of the apps that are good, and find it hard to just go by user reviews and rating alone.

Can anyone help me? Also is the free version of Kapersky, lookout,mobile security(McAfee) enough without buying the premiums. I ask because these are well known companies.

Ty for the response in advance and sorry for the length. Tried to be as clear as possible.


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Jul 7, 2013
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Sometimes the best security is just responsible computing. Android makes it difficult to end up with a compromised device as long as you manage the device properly. Keep the ability to install apps from unknown sources either turned off completely or restricted to explicitly trusted apps, remove or never install apps that are known to be from developers with questionable business practices (removing CM apps is a fantastic first step). Also, being cautious about what sites are visited and what ads you end up tapping on (if any). All of this will go a LONG WAY to using a mobile device without having a security app installed.

I haven't used a security app on any of my mobile devices in many years, I haven't had any indication of hacking or nefarious activity on them in that time.

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