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    LostNet App & Geo Firewall

    Learn which apps are chatting via Internet behind your back. See which countries they send your data to. With this simple and effective solution from LostNet, you'll stop all communications that you don't need.

    Make all your apps connect to the network via LostNet Firewall. It won’t slow your apps down. But it will open so many possibilities that you will never be able to imagine using an Android device without LostNet Firewall!
    LostNet Firewall will report you a lot of information which no any other app can provide.
    You’ll see not only the amount of data consumed by each app, but also see the time of day when it was consumed. You’ll be surprised how much of your data plan is consumed at night or when you don’t use your device.
    You’ll see which countries your apps are connecting to. You may reconsider trusting your data (files, location, photos…) to your apps based on the geography of the servers that serve this app.

    Visit our web site.
    PS: Check out other features like packet sniffer!
    04-20-2014 02:43 PM

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