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    I've tried many of these apps before, like doubletwist and iSyncr. I've been using iSyncr for 3 years with my old droid Razr M, and now my HTC One M8.

    I have been making a lot of changes in my library and from what I can tell iSyncr is no longer deleting stuff that I remove from my itunes library, simply leaving it on my phone creating a large amount of storage that doesn't need to be there. For instance I went through and removed some doubles due to spelling errors, but the error version of the spelling is not getting removed.

    Is there any APP that truly Syncs from itunes to android? As in it compares/contrasts whats on the phone to whats on the itunes library and fixes everything I change? I've been going through a huge overall on my 30gb music library and a lot of the changes are leaving doubles on my phone. Also google play music doesn't let you delete music inside the app, so I'm stuck opening up the file manager while connected via USB. This is all fine to do, but I've had to re transfer my library 3 times now because I made a lot of changes on my library, it takes over 2 hours to transfer all of my music.
    06-09-2014 12:49 PM

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