1. behdude's Avatar
    Hi, I have 2 android phone, one Motorola Droid and one Nexus one, As you may know, android don't support Persian at all also in its Browser.

    My Droid is Android 2.2 and My Nexus one is a Localized Version of Android that supports Persian. I'm a Firefox Fan from early builds of Phoenix, so i just installed the latest version of Fennec (Firefox Mobile) on both of them. but i see that Firefox wont support Persian on each of phones.

    So, I think that Firefox Mobile Uses its Text Rendering Method instead of Android One's (because Persian Support didn't work on Persian Localized Android). so i wanted to know that is there a way to add Persian (And also Arabic - Persian & Arabic are The Same in this way) to Firefox? cause i know Millions of people that will use Firefox Mobile if it supports well Persian and Arabic!

    Thank you.
    10-12-2010 02:19 PM