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    Turn your phone into a magic wand of remote control!

    [APP][FREE] Handy Smart TV launcher-application_phone_black.jpg

    If you are tired of multiple pressing the buttons to launch the application or to find and start watching a movie - you should know that Handy Smart TV launcher offers a faster experience, along with easy operating, and without weird buttons, which may confuse the user, make the process of android TV device using simple and enjoyable.

    [APP][FREE] Handy Smart TV launcher-screenshot_2014-10-31-09-02-12-2-.png

    Handy Smart TV is the best one among remote control apps for Android-TV devices based on Rockchip processors, which allows you to control your Android-TV device simply over the mobile device.

    [APP][FREE] Handy Smart TV launcher-screenshot_2014-10-31-08-00-15.jpeg [APP][FREE] Handy Smart TV launcher-screenshot_2014-11-10-10-29-29.jpeg [APP][FREE] Handy Smart TV launcher-screenshot_2014-11-10-10-30-07.jpeg

    ✓ works over a local Wi Fi Wi-Fi Direct;
    ✓ photo, video, music viewing in one click;
    ✓ new and more intuitive interface for Android-TV devices;
    ✓ typing directly from the keypad of your mobile device;
    ✓ support of search and voice search;
    ✓ active and passive sync mode;
    ✓ built-in user-friendly remote controller;
    ✓ fast and simple built-in browser;
    ✓ there are light and dark interface designs available;
    ✓ easily search, find, and browse videos, photos, or music and watch on TV directly from your mobile Android device;
    ✓ support of multi-touch and standard gestures in the mouse mode;
    ✓ easily navigate through interface with the help of swipe command of two fingers scroll;
    ✓ passive sync mode let you multitask on your terms – you can watch TV and look for necessary information through internet via mobile device simultaneously with the subsequent transfer of this content to your TV screen.

    [APP][FREE] Handy Smart TV launcher-screenshot_2014-10-31-08-00-00.jpeg [APP][FREE] Handy Smart TV launcher-screenshot_2014-11-10-10-28-58.jpeg [APP][FREE] Handy Smart TV launcher-screenshot_2014-11-10-10-28-09.jpeg [APP][FREE] Handy Smart TV launcher-screenshot_2014-11-10-10-29-11.jpeg

    ✓ Android 4.0 or above;
    ✓ Android devices based on Rockchip RK 3188/3066;


    Handy Smart TV: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.handysmart.android

    Handy Smart TV Launcher: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.handysmart.android.launcher

    A high-speed internet connection will provide a better sync experience.
    Handy Smart TV project consists of two components – Handy Smart TV launcher for TV Box and Handy Smart TV controlling app for mobile devices. You need to install both apps to experience them.

    Contact us:
    We would appreciate if you would report us any issues you have with regard to the app at handysmart.tv@gmail.com and all the neccessary information you can find at our official web-site: www.handysmart.net
    When contacting our support team , please provide us with your app name, your device name and Android OS version used as well as a brief description of the issue.We cannot guarantee that apps will work appropriate on all devices.
    12-16-2014 04:21 AM
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    Thanks for sharing the link!
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