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    I'd like to show you a funny and free application Answer Me! created by programmers of D BEST team.

    Answer Me! is a complete system of answers allowing to find the answer to any questions!

    The application helps take many key decisions. If you don't know:
    * if it is worth getting up from bed?
    * if today is a good day to tell her/him what you feel?
    * if you should have your haircut changed into something crazy?
    * if it is worth learning for tomorrow's classes?
    * if it is better to go for a holiday at the seaside or in the mountains?
    Answer Me! will perfectly answer to all your questions!

    The only things you must do are the following:
    1.Think of the question.
    2.Shake your mobile.
    Answer Me! in a magic way will interpret your questions and give proper answers.

    Features of the application:
    * ASK, SHAKE and READ a complete system of answers;
    * hundreds of unique and unconventional answers;
    * update of data from the internet;
    * available languages: English and Polish.

    I invite you to upload applications from Android Market and check yourself! It's ideal for the parties and other events where surprise and fun is especially advicable

    Any comments, suggestions of application development or words of constructive criticism are welcome
    01-05-2011 11:23 AM
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    The new update to 1.1.1 version has been released in Android Market. List of changes:
    - fixed display of main background on some mobiles;
    - other minor graphical changes;
    - some bugfixes.

    Have a fun with Answer Me!
    01-08-2011 04:45 AM