1. mousik's Avatar
    Hello, please tell me...

    Is there existing app, which is working with facebook for example like this or it is just possible?:

    app - for example something like small instagram

    Take a photo in APP ----> upload it through that APP on facebook (on profile and facebook data centers) ---> I would see image in the first app profile (and on facebook profile) but it would be only big prewiev or something like that of that photo (still uploaded only on facebook)


    In app I would choose photo from facebook ---> It would somehow preview that photo in app (without uploading it on APP datacenters)

    If you don´t understand, I want to create APP, that will be using photos, but datacenters are too much expernsive so we want to connect it with facebook and thanks to it, in this app would be on profiles only previews (but I want it to look for example like that instagram).

    Thanks for your answers
    10-28-2015 07:48 PM
  2. mousik's Avatar
    No one any advice?
    10-29-2015 09:29 AM

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