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    I solved this problem - posting here for the benefit of others:

    I installed the RingGo parking app, placing the icon on the screen one swipe to the left of my main home screen. This didn't seem to cause any problems immediately.

    The next day, when I tried to use the app to pay for parking, it opened, but wouldn't work properly. At that point (in a hurry), I paid by other means, so I still don't know whether the app can be made to work.

    The following day, the screen of my Galaxy Note 3 went green and dim. Colours were visible, but with a green tint, and I had to turn brightness right up to see anything. At the same time, pressing the home button began to result in a message being displayed, asking me whether I wanted to complete the action using TouchWiz standard or Easy.
    The following attempted fixes had no effect on either the green screen or the TouchWiz messages: Restarting the phone normally; removing battery for 10 mins then restarting; resetting app defaults.
    The next day, I dragged the RingGo app icon off the screen, into the trash icon. The screen immediately returned to normal brightness, and the TouchWiz messages also stopped. I have not uninstalled the RingGo app - just removed the icon.
    So, if your phone screen goes green, don't despair, it may be just a problem with the last app you installed - and the problem may not show up for several days.
    11-28-2015 06:50 AM

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