1. speed_phreak's Avatar
    Slacker Radio is a great app/service with what I personally believe to be deeper playlists than Pandora. They really are two completely different services. Slacker has DJ programed "channels" as well as the ability to create custom channels. With Pandora, you are the DJ, but in my experience it plays the same music over and over....

    Needless to say, I prefer Slacker, BUT Slacker has some serious sound quality issues on the Android platform, especially bass clipping. Music sounds like you are playing it through speakers with blown woofers.

    Apparently, there is possibly a way to resolve some of these sound issues with Slacker by borrowing codecs from the Pandora app.

    Hopefully the man with the plan from the Android Market will take it from here....
    02-21-2010 11:38 PM
  2. Avalaunchmods's Avatar
    02-22-2010 06:30 PM