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    I have a small business that needs to be able to track time for billing. I have a Blackberry, and my Son has an Android. I would like to find a single time-tracking app that has versions for both phones, that has a web-based component that would allow us to merge and manage our time entries from a computer (we both do work for the same group of clients, so we overlap quite a bit on that), but does NOT require that you have an active internet connection on the phone to be able to make entries (we often do work at a client's locations that is out in the sticks, and has no service for the phones).
    Does anyone know of an app like that? I don't mind paying for something, if it is going to meet these needs!
    04-11-2011 08:13 PM
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    I think Toggl will fit your needs in a time tracking tool that can be use anywhere on anything. It can also help you track time and at the same time bill it for you. It is easy to use and a user friendly interface. It can also automatically syncs to Quickbooks and Freshbooks.

    You can also try nTime thatcan help log your work and activities. It is easy to use and a simple interface. It can send reports on yourself or on your clients. You can also classified work activities in to 3 different categories: chargable, non-chargable , and non-productive.

    I also find this time tracking blog that discusses more information on some time tracking alternatives and it's useful features.
    11-15-2011 06:36 AM

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