1. jiminsz's Avatar
    Here's my scenario....currently living in Shenzhen, China. Recently bought the HTC Desire.
    China firewall doesn't allow me to download any apps from the google market. I always have
    to download directly from the publisher's website the apk file directly to my PC. No problem
    in doing that but....this particular app that I am interested in doesn't have a website (or at least
    I am not aware of one) to let me have that option of downloading the apk file directly to my computer
    and then sync to my phone. The app that I am interested in is ....youdao v1.3.2 dictionary.
    It seems it is only available for download using the QR scanner, which is of no help to me because
    I still can't logon to the app market. Can anybody recommend a way for me to get my hands on
    the apk file for youdao dictionary so I can download directly to my PC and then sync to my HTC Desire?
    I hope I was able to explain my situation clearly. Sorry for the lengthy post. Any help will be greatly
    appreciated. Thanks.
    05-17-2011 10:54 AM