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    Gboard works fine on my Galaxy S7 (android 7.0). On my Galaxy Tab S (android 6.01), it does not sync. On first try it asks my google account to sync with. It seems to sync ok. I can hit 'sync now'. It will indicate the last sync time as if all is ok. But it does not know my words or shortcuts. If I try to go to personal dictionary, I can never get there. Tapping personal dictionary leave the keyboard settings area and brings me to my main settings screen. To be clear, I can get to the gboard dictionary and sync settings, but tapping personal dictionary link on that page sends me back to the main android settings screen. I tried on another tablet we have, Galaxy Tab 4 (android 5.02). Same behavior on this tablet, tapping personal dictionary goes to main android settings screen. There is no personal dictionary and there is no error message. I have removed/reinstalled, enabled all gboard permissions and wiped cache partition.
    I was using Swype, it just doesn't get what I am swiping anymore. Way too many wrong words. I tried Swiftkey for about a month. Same thing. I tried gboard and we're like old friends. It just knows what I am about to swipe.
    12-14-2017 07:54 PM

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