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    Check out this new app called Force Control, which is now available on the market.


    Force Control gives you the ability to control media players via the proximity sensor.

    Change tracks back and forth, play and pause, with a simple wave of your hand.
    Use Force Control when you're too busy to look at the device, and effortlessly control the media player.
    Can be used with the screen turned off.

    In order to enable the gestures service, click on the start service button.
    There are 4 available Force gestures:
    1. Swiftly wave your hand across the sensor.
    2. Hold your hand in front of the sensor for about 1.5 seconds.
    3. Continue holding your hand for a recurring effect.
    4. Wave your hand twice across the sensor for play/pause action (can be disabled in the options menu).

    Make sure you block the sensor. A good way of doing so is to use the palm
    of your hand for the gestures, not your fingers.

    Known to work with HTC music, Winamp, PowerAMP.
    Should work with any player which supports headset controls.

    Force Control by fBros
    06-19-2011 05:58 AM