03-19-2012 01:35 PM
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  1. Shadow53007's Avatar
    I would really love this
    03-16-2012 12:26 PM
  2. dkmyers's Avatar
    This is an amazing giveaway keep it up guys
    03-16-2012 12:26 PM
  3. frenzy757's Avatar
    will i win, will i win, will I win win win?!?
    03-16-2012 12:26 PM
  4. faheyd's Avatar
    Wooopeeee !!!
    03-16-2012 12:26 PM
  5. greentea#AC's Avatar
    wahh!! Winning one of these would make my day! Especially since I'm a poor college student who can't afford one on my own
    03-16-2012 12:26 PM
  6. ckaria's Avatar
    I want to win. Please pick me!!!!!

    Click to view quoted image

    The hottest Android tablet since, well, ever has got to be the ASUS Transformer Prime. Pick your reason why. The great build quality. The Tegra 3 4-PLUS-1 quad-core processor (that's the one with the fifth battery-saving core we've talked about before.) Or maybe it's because of the awesome optional keyboard dock, that basically turns the whole thing into an Android tablet. Or maybe it's because the entire package because a near-console-quality gaming system.

    Oh, and we're giving two of 'em away, keyboard dock and all, thanks to our pals at NVIDIA. You've got two chances to win.

    This is Chance No. 1. Just leave a post in this thread, and you're entered to win. We'll shut things down at 8 a.m. PDT Monday morning, so you've got all weekend.

    Chance No. 2 is waiting for you on Google+. Head on over there to check it out.

    Good luck, everyone!
    03-16-2012 12:26 PM
  7. bloodyroots's Avatar
    i wreally wreally want this! grrr..
    03-16-2012 12:26 PM
  8. mattvalenz's Avatar
    Ooo, they are nice, and more than meets the eye (*GROAN*)!

    I want my Android tablet experience which so far has been so-so to be Transformed (*Double GROAN*) by Asus, yay!
    03-16-2012 12:26 PM
  9. jidjadi's Avatar
    Right in time for a lucky (hopefully me) Android lover to put the IPad3 to shame!
    03-16-2012 12:26 PM
  10. gtricecakes's Avatar
    Would love this tablet!
    03-16-2012 12:26 PM
  11. mille646's Avatar
    Here's to winning a great android tablet!
    03-16-2012 12:26 PM
  12. davinci27's Avatar
    For me please
    03-16-2012 12:27 PM
  13. eahinrichsen's Avatar
    Yes please!
    03-16-2012 12:27 PM
  14. nashjar's Avatar
    Asus is my favorite computer/tablet manufacturer these days. I would love to get my hands on one of their Prime tablets!
    03-16-2012 12:27 PM
  15. reherse's Avatar
    i want one
    03-16-2012 12:27 PM
  16. eessl's Avatar
    Rockin the OG TF101, would love to have the Prime!
    03-16-2012 12:27 PM
  17. icuwit4iiii's Avatar
    Pick me!!!! Please!!!!!
    03-16-2012 12:28 PM
  18. jeff.brown's Avatar
    This would be AWESOME!
    03-16-2012 12:28 PM
  19. riotrob#AC's Avatar
    The family is trying to convert me away from Andriod....Never!!!!! Count me in for a Transformer.
    03-16-2012 12:28 PM
  20. RipTide's Avatar
    Have never owned a tablet, wouldn't mind being able to mess with something larger than my Bionic, but smaller than my 17" ASUS G73 laptop.
    03-16-2012 12:28 PM
  21. jhgann's Avatar
    nice tablet!
    03-16-2012 12:28 PM
  22. chanceycarothers's Avatar
    This is the android to beat!!!
    03-16-2012 12:28 PM
  23. brewkelyn's Avatar
    I love contests like this! Just played with a TP at Best Buy the other day, a real slick device!
    03-16-2012 12:28 PM
  24. forceOnature's Avatar
    Very nice! Would love to get this device!
    03-16-2012 12:28 PM
  25. yurid9's Avatar
    One for me to show off my portfolio next year at GDC!
    03-16-2012 12:29 PM
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