09-10-2012 02:25 PM
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  1. sly's Avatar
    If I win one of these, I'll be too busy playing with it to waste time watching Honey Boo Boo!
    08-30-2012 10:44 PM
  2. nathan513's Avatar
    Definitely interested!
    08-30-2012 10:44 PM
  3. achucifer's Avatar
    Gimme, gimme, so I can get my game on!

    Thanks android central.
    08-30-2012 10:44 PM
  4. rockyrocks's Avatar
    I am interested.
    08-30-2012 10:45 PM
  5. failmatic's Avatar
    count me in
    08-30-2012 10:45 PM
  6. Marmap's Avatar
    The best tablet of the summer? Yes please.
    08-30-2012 10:45 PM
  7. gkrilov's Avatar
    Hook a developer brother up! Will finally have a tablet to develop on and test against
    08-30-2012 10:46 PM
  8. imtoomuch's Avatar
    Please, enter me into the contest. I'd love to get my hands on the best game and best tablet!
    08-30-2012 10:46 PM
  9. monching21's Avatar

    Horn for Android is finally here, and a great way to kick it off is with a huge contest. Go check out the review of the game, I'll wait.

    Pretty badass, right?

    Here's your chance to win a Nexus 7, an official AC Lloyd t-shirt, and a Lloyd Secret Society pin. Three very awesome pieces of equipment.

    Drop a line here to let us know you're interested, and we'll pick 5 winners at random. Be sure you have access to the e-mail account you used to register, 'cause that's how we'll be getting in touch with the winners.

    Good luck!
    08-30-2012 10:47 PM
  10. navinag's Avatar
    It would be great to see what everyone is raving about.......

    Sent from my SPH-L710 using Tapatalk 2
    08-30-2012 10:47 PM
  11. bobvanjr's Avatar
    I've got a good feeling about this one. I hope I'm right.
    08-30-2012 10:47 PM
  12. turnerkiller's Avatar
    Count me in!

    Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 2
    08-30-2012 10:48 PM
  13. fareal's Avatar
    Hook me up!
    08-30-2012 10:48 PM
  14. ach109's Avatar
    The Nexus 7 is amazing! Much better than the Nook Color I rooted and rocked for a year. I could so use 1 of these.
    08-30-2012 10:48 PM
  15. zerospace82's Avatar
    I need this to watch my videos from my computer perfect sized screen
    08-30-2012 10:48 PM
  16. helladd's Avatar
    I'm interested!! please send me a t-shirt...
    oh yeah and one of those tablets too
    08-30-2012 10:49 PM
  17. brettm2277's Avatar
    Would love a n7! Good luck everyone!
    08-30-2012 10:49 PM
  18. monching21's Avatar
    I love nexus 7 for my son :-) tnx
    08-30-2012 10:50 PM
  19. gmurphy0487's Avatar
    Could def use another nexus 7 for the wife!

    Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk 2
    08-30-2012 10:50 PM
  20. Druski68's Avatar
    I need this tablet like I need toilet paper every day!!!!
    08-30-2012 10:50 PM
  21. Blazian's Avatar
    I think this might be one of the best prizes yet!!! I'm in!
    08-30-2012 10:50 PM
  22. ar_garza's Avatar
    Pick meeee!
    08-30-2012 10:51 PM
  23. FrankCLA's Avatar
    Interested, interested, YES, interested!
    08-30-2012 10:51 PM
  24. nikhil belchada's Avatar
    Definitely Interested..
    Really waiting for such giveaway...
    Thankyou NVIDIA and AC
    08-30-2012 10:51 PM
  25. DroidXNJ's Avatar
    I'm interested...please pick me!
    08-30-2012 10:51 PM
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