12-23-2014 10:24 AM
1,733 ... 686970
  1. Abdelrahman Rahmy's Avatar
    I wonder who won
    It sure would be nice to know
    I hope it was me
    Yeah seriously though
    How and when will we all know
    Who is the winner?

    Let's just make all our posts haiku's in this thread lol
    12-22-2014 07:38 PM
  2. franzax's Avatar
    I want one!
    12-22-2014 08:05 PM
  3. Roger Gibbens's Avatar
    What is Christmas joy?
    It is winning a Nexus.
    Android Central rocks!
    12-22-2014 09:05 PM
  4. Shootin4aces's Avatar
    never wrote haiku
    now Santa Phil inspires
    nexus nine abides
    12-22-2014 10:50 PM
  5. PR1DE's Avatar
    Still on my Nexus S,
    Its now old and slow.
    Would be great I had 9.
    12-23-2014 02:24 AM
  6. normad's Avatar
    As i fall asleep,
    Good deeds results in best treats,
    Oh Dear Santa, Give Android central a sweep,
    Here's my nexus 9, a gift sweat.

    Merry Christmas to all...
    12-23-2014 03:39 AM
  7. kiko66613's Avatar
    Another contest
    To not have chance to win
    In android central.

    Posted via my first Android phone.
    12-23-2014 07:47 AM
  8. Landon Swoboda's Avatar
    Santa's almost here,
    With lots of new android gear,
    What a day it'll be!

    Posted via the Android Central App
    12-23-2014 10:24 AM
1,733 ... 686970

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