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    I hope its not considered too bad manners to announce a project on a first post ...hoping not...proceeding anyway : )

    My name is Robert i have coded as a hobby for almost 20 years now and have finally released my first project to the public. I havent done this before so im quite excited!

    Infinite Dungeon is a Rogue-like at heart but plays much mroe like a turn based version of Diablo. It has a more modern RPG style equipment system and anytime load/save etc. Also thrown out the millions of buttons interface and boiled it down to the basics to make it touch friendly. Also have a difficulty curve which makes it easier for new players to the genre to get into it (but there is a hard setting and it does curve as you get deeper for those that like their Rogue likes challenging)

    Ive worked on this really hard for the last 3 months or so and i hope that it is of interest to at least some of you : )

    There is a free version which includes the first 15 levels of the dungeon.

    Free Version
    Full Version

    If anyone has any comments or suggestions id be more than happy to hear them. Additionally if anyone has a blog and is interested in doing a Review i would be more than happy to discuss providing a review copy. as a solo developer completly new to this kind of thing i could use all the exposure i can get!!

    Anyway, Thanks for your time and again i do apologise for a game announcement as a new post, im sure that kind of thing can get annoying.

    Robert Morrell
    08-15-2011 07:30 PM

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