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    Hi guys, we just posted a video on our YouTube channel so that you may see footage of our first game. Please check it out. Thanks!

    YouTube link:
    05-27-2012 03:47 PM
  2. jean15paul's Avatar
    That acutally looks pretty cool.
    05-29-2012 01:00 PM
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    Finally, after months of updating the code, we have gone live on iTunes, and have launched the global leaderboards and statistic tracking in-game for Android. Current version: 2.7.4.

    Full Version: Part 3: Dodge the Dots
    Demo Version: Part 3: Dodge the Dots FREE

    A completely original retro action/arcade game, can you help Dodgy escape the wrath of

    To kick things off, we will be giving away 3 $100 giftcards, and 2 $50 giftcards at random,
    when we reach 5,000 installs. That's a 1 in 1000 chance to win something. Get in early to be able to participate in future milestone giveaways!

    There are now global leaderboards in game. At 250k installs, we will start daily, weekly and monthly competitions. We will be giving away prizes and gifts everyday.

    Please check out and like our Facebook page for current giveaways and information pertaining to future updates. We have some pretty awesome updates planned; Multiplayer,
    Survival Mode, "Pick" Mode and positive debuffs, to name a few.

    Facebook: Part 3: Dodge the Dots

    Check out the detailed instructional video on YouTube that explains exactly what you should do to get the most points possible. Simply put though, to receive the most points, just stay over the red line as long as possible, and don't pick up any items. Sounds easier than it is.

    Good luck everyone. We look forward to releasing the other 3 games of the Dots Saga, each completely original in their design. We also have designed 19 other games, and 10 utility apps, which we will be producing over the next year. Thank you for the support, and please, share us with all of your friends. We are trying to break the gaming monotony. Trying to shake things up. Time for a new company to step forth.

    -Rag Tag Games
    06-16-2012 09:42 PM
  4. d1me07's Avatar
    Game looks good, simple and addictive. I am interested in what you used to develop it. Eclipse maybe?
    06-17-2012 06:55 AM