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    I want to invite you to try out our newest Game UFO Mania, check it out in google play:
    UFO Mania in Google Play

    From the page:
    UFO Mania it's a quick action mobile game, you are in charge of an space ship to defend from extreme Aliens that try to invade your galaxy, with a lot of patterns and formations from the aliens your mission is to quickly kill them before it's too late!

    With more than 90 different patterns (Vertical, Horizontal, Rotative etc), 2 ships to choose from and 3 levels of difficulty, we have tried to make you the best experience possible for this kind of games.

    Try to kill the Boss and pass through the Asteroid Field without being killed!

    A lot of fun is in here and you will enjoy all the different patterns we came along on this version of the game.

    More patterns and updates soon.
    [FREE/2.2+] UFO Mania, Space Shooter Game-ss1-960.png
    [FREE/2.2+] UFO Mania, Space Shooter Game-ss2-960.png
    [FREE/2.2+] UFO Mania, Space Shooter Game-ss3-960.png
    [FREE/2.2+] UFO Mania, Space Shooter Game-ss4-960.png
    [FREE/2.2+] UFO Mania, Space Shooter Game-ss5-960.png
    10-01-2012 01:33 PM
  2. syscobra's Avatar
    Thanks, the idea was to use the same mechanism of old atari classic Megamania, but with some improved movements and controls.

    I think it should be difficult at first, but if you play more you will get the knowledge to go through all the stages soon.

    Thanks for the feedback
    10-02-2012 02:30 PM

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