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    Get ready to experience a graphic novel unlike any you have read before. Reduced from its normal price ($5.99) to just $0.99 for a limited flash sale, Xevicom Forever combines traditional comic book storytelling with a dark, edgy narrative, animated sequences, interactive panels and dialogue, hidden information, achievements, soundtrack, and an insane 'AI' companion who will help to guide you through this innovative comic book experience for Android Tablets (Kindle Fire, Nexus, etc)

    Set in a dystopian, nightmarish future, Xevicom Forever chronicles the interweaving stories of its three central characters in the city of Xevicom. In Agent Trelaney, readers will encounter a man driven out of the city’s police force and onto a terrible path by the brutal murder of his brother. In The Prophet, a vigilante who has come into Trelaney’s crosshairs, readers will catch a glimpse of the city’s dark, drug-infested underbelly, whilst in Spirits, readers will explore how this terrible vision of the future truly impacts upon the lives of the innocent. In addition to these interweaving stories the entire graphic novel is framed by the app’s own ‘AI’ companion who will act as the comic’s narrator – as well as providing the reader with the best type of companionship his deteriorating memory core can provide.
    Xevicom Forever is currently on a flash sale, down to $0.99 from its usual price ($5.99) - you can download Xevicom Forever: An Interactive Comic from:

    Google Play
    Amazon App Store

    You can also download the 'lite' version of the app for free. The lite edition features the first part of the story:

    Google Play
    Amazon App Store

    Any questions or feedback are welcome - you can follow us @RayReidWriter on twitter and visit our website at www.xevicom.com
    12-12-2012 01:56 PM

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