1. reyreyrey22's Avatar
    I’m now at level 25 going to stage 3 of the Dpt Warriors Pair (DWP) stories. But I got lost by Transformation Demon and the game asked me if I want to continue the battle but it cost 5 Crystals so I refused it. I want to try again and finish the stage, but sad to say I already consumed my 10 Controllers, it s**cks!!!

    Why? It only means I need to wait for about 10mins just to get 1 controller. Then curiosity strikes me! Well, I know we have an option to Buy controllers in the Shop but why the game allow users to buy new controllers using Crystals, i think that would be better.

    DWP - Controller Suggestion-3hq0erw.jpg
    04-20-2015 02:59 AM
  2. Jaz Martin's Avatar
    In my own opinion, and experience about the game there is no way you can buy the controllers using crystal at this moment, well that would only be possible if developer will update the game and made this thing possible but I doubt if they will. The games profit and main objective is to sell their product and these things require a real money currency! Not to mention some of the downside features of this game like it lacks features that allows user to choose whether they’ll back to main page or stop the game in instance. Also there is no other option where you want to log your account, not even Facebook is found in this game unless you share the reward you got or if the moment you claim your reward! A not well develop game!
    04-22-2015 02:09 AM

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