1. AC Question's Avatar
    hey guys im new to the whole android scene. Anyways i just bought my htc one m8 and i wanted to set up my facial unlock and it doesn't work along with any of the other lock screens. i set up the lock options and followed all the steps and when i lock my phone and unlock it doesn't work it unlocks like normal by swiping up on the lock. i cant figure out how to get the lock screens to work. Thanks
    06-15-2014 07:58 PM
  2. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    Sorry for the delay in getting a reply.
    It might be a bug in the ROM version you have. What carrier are you using?
    06-24-2014 02:52 PM
  3. t13me12roper's Avatar
    make sure your lock phone screen after setting is immediate. confused me as well. what happens is that when you hit the power button it goes back to the lock screen, but its not locked because you prob have your setting to 10 or 1min. i think they should have 2 options. lock when you hit the power button and lock after 10.
    11-23-2015 08:03 PM

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