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    I was surfing around the Google and spotted a article " What sucks your Android smartphone battery? " I tried checking all the methods described and somewhere I feel like these guys are telling the correct thing. I have been active over many forums where people keep on asking question about higher battery consumption and ..... So I though of help all those users out.
    06-17-2014 03:51 AM
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    Thank you for sharing. Anything that helps, or may help at least, with battery life is welcome.

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    06-17-2014 08:39 AM
  3. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    Ok...we should discuss and clarify the article a little.

    - The extra connections like GPS, WiFi, yes. Turn those off when you aren't using them. No argument.
    - The lack, or weak, voice signal: yes, that is a huge battery killer. More than many people realize.
    - The screen brightness. Yes, this can be a battery killer. I am not a fan of auto, but I do turn mine down to about 75%. Most people probably wouldn't notice, but that saving alone can add up. Later the article mentions sleep times, and this can help battery use. I have mine turn off after 30 seconds. I wish there was an option to customize this, as I think 15 seconds is a little quick and 30 is a bit long. 20 for me would be fine.
    - Darker wallpapers/live wallpapers: I would think it depends on how long you look at your home screens. For me, I am hardly on my home screen on my device (as is most people), so this argument is a little irrelevant. A darker wallpaper I am inclined to agree with.
    - LED lights and notifications: I can see this argument as being valid. However, I would look at other sources of battery drain first.
    - Data connectivity: This is a good example of your mileage may vary. If one wants to take a day and test this to see how much battery power they can save, go for it, but consider what you are trading for the savings, and would it be worth it?

    -Killing apps: Totally DISagree! The Android OS likes having RAM full. Killing these apps and a number already cached can actually cripple your battery. Consider this: You have a simple card game on your device. You kill it when you are done. You open it a little later, Android has to spend a fair amount of CPU power to bring it up. Your battery savings are probably negated right there.
    - On the subject of games: The ones listed are OK to have on your phone, I think people just need to realize that any game that the scenes move around, is going to kill the battery. I am not saying don't have them, just keep in mind that kind of game will kill a battery faster than ones with stationary scenes. Especially if those games need to connect to the internet as well.

    The only thing that should have been added is this: most people are close to a charger. If your phone needs it, plug it in.

    That is my take on the article. It brought up some good points and some not so good ones.
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    06-17-2014 09:06 AM

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