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    So on a whim a while ago, I rooted my phone (Gnex - VZ), installed CM10 and all has been well. I don't frequently fuss with my phone, but would install stable updated versions of CM as they came down the pipe. For that reason, forgive me if my problem is easily fixed.

    Yesterday, I tried to update from I believe CM10.2.1 to a Snapshot release of CM11. Install failed and I was given a "Status 7" error. When backing out, I was prompted to fix root, which I did. At the time, I still had CM10.2.1 saved, so using CWM I flashed the older version. All was well. I assumed my download was bad for the new CM11, so I cleared my downloads in the CMupdater, redownloaded the CM11, and tried again. Same issue - would not work - only this time I had accidentally cleared off my CM10.2.1 rom, so I had nothing (initially) to go back to.

    Since then, I did find some much earlier ROMs on my phone's sdcard, including CM10.1.3 and a Vicious version of JB. In trying to flash either, I am successful, but the phone goes into endless start up.

    Now I am at a loss, I would have thought one of the earlier ROM's would work, which I could use to update via the CMupdater within the phone. It seems as though I should be able to download a ROM to my computer and move it over, but have not been successful with the software I've tried.

    I can't be in tooo bad a shape since I can boot into recovery with CWM. I just need some help to either (1) successfully install one of the three ROMs I can access within CWM, or (2) move a new ROM from my PC to my phone. My preference would be to not wipe my entire phone, but I guess I can if needed.

    I have tried wiping cache/dalvik prior to flashing the ROM - no success.

    Your help is much appreciated - I just want to get the phone up and running again. Thank you.
    06-28-2014 08:56 PM
  2. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    I would restore a Nandroid and flash TWRP. I actually prefer CWM over TWRP, but many developers like TWRP.
    06-28-2014 11:29 PM

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