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    I've had my Galaxy s4 for several months now, and I've always purchased my music on iTunes and then used Double Twist to put it onto my phone. Naturally, a few of the albums I have on my phone and computer were missing album art.

    However, I recently found a way to restore the album art to the music on iTunes. Excited, I synced my phone with iTunes again (with Double Twist), thinking that my phone's album art would be restored too. This was not the case though - even though I have album art for certain songs on iTunes, Double Twist fails to copy the album art to those songs on my phone.

    I know it's just album art, but I'd still like to have it if I can. Is there a way to restore album art to music on my phone, either by syncing it with iTunes or some other way?
    07-06-2014 11:39 PM

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