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    I don't know if this has to do with my phone or carrier. I have a Samsung Galaxy s3 which I've had for almost two years through AT&T and never had this issue with. Tonight I received a text message from my boyfriend, and at the exact same time, received a message from an unrecognized number from across the country, with the exact same message as my boyfriend sent.It was only a short text so was it just coincidence? I mentioned it to him and he had no idea about it. I texted the number back and asked "who is this?" Where they replied with "who is this?" Back to me. Any ideas? Maybe i'm just too easily freaked out...
    07-16-2014 12:03 AM
  2. jmagid51's Avatar
    Seems like a carrier issue. I too have AT&T and occasionally get a message like that also. Also be sure you are only using 1 messaging system. AT&T has made a number of changes over the past few months and if you use more than one message system you will get the same thing to happen.

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    07-16-2014 06:49 AM
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    I would say it's also a carrier issue. If it continues then contact your carrier and ask for this to be looked in to.

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    07-16-2014 07:47 AM

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