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    I have a Dell streak 7 that was stuck in a "Dell Logo" freeze. I was able to factory reset from the volume + and power buttons. Now the internal sd card is damaged and every time i power the device down it restarts from the language menu. I have tried to reformatt from the device but no luck and have factory reset a few times to the same result. I have installed minimal ADB & Fastboot and the drivers for the device and i can see the partitions in the shell df thingy and it can get to the fastboot screen. My question, Should i try to reformat each partition one by one (data,cache & mics only) or use the "erase-w" command ? Or is something more involved required? If i can avoid the rooting and flashing that would be great, but if not i will give it a try.
    Thanks in advance,
    android2.2.2, build15420
    07-18-2014 02:22 AM

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