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    I need help, I just rooted this generic tablet and downloaded chainfir3D and like a dummy i accidently tapped on install drivers... , and now i believe its soft bricked. It shows the first two android logos and just shows a black screen before showing the "Tablet PC" logo. I have already try letting it die and charging it and also hold down on up volume key and power to do a hard reset, but no luck at all im completely stuck!
    I don't know if i can post links but here's an amazon link where i bought this tablet and also I rooted it using Kingo
    Amazon.com: Foneso (tm) BLACK Ultrathin 7" Android Tablet PC with Capacitive 5 Point Multi-Touch Screen Dual Camera A23 Dual Core Processor WIFI Bluetooth [New Upgraded Bluetooth Model May 2014]: Computers & Accessories

    NOTE: some of this informaton is false its actually running on 4.4.2 not 4.2 and has 1 GB of storage not 4GB, I really need help on how to fix this problem any response will be much appreciated!
    07-28-2014 06:16 PM

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