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    hello dose any one know which version of the adobe android flash player is the best one to use whit the gs4 phone when i was reading up about using a flash player on different web sites on my phone they were all saying to use different ones to each other which is kind of conflicting to me but what they all agreed on was the uses of the same three different types of web browser im asking this question here in the hopes that you can narrow it down for me to the best and correct flash player so im not constantly down loading using up my dater trying different ones to see which works the best and just in case i down load one and it does not work at all whit my phone the three different flash player that i was going to down load was the adobe flash player for android but then i noticed its not the latest one out so i did not down load it to try and find more out on whether or not i could use the latest adobe flash player out or not or whether it would be any better or worse so here i am asking as well as that these are the three web browsers fire fox browser boat boat browser and uc browser i seen one or two other different browser mentioned but out of the three i have mentioned here fire fix and boat were the ones that was mentioned the most for using whit android flash player it would be interesting to know what others think is the best web browser by fare to use whit a android flash player and if they completely disagree and think if a different web browser is better ok so now i will thank every one for there help and comments to this big question of mines
    08-02-2014 03:45 PM
  2. imamadman's Avatar
    sorry for the mistake i just noticed it i was only going to down load the one flash player that i mentioned in my question that i posted but there was more than one different adobe flash players recommended from different web sites and i meant fire fox not fire fix
    08-02-2014 04:04 PM

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