1. AC Question's Avatar
    Today I've been using Antutu to benchmark my Nexus 5, and I'm not sure if i might have gotten the highest score for it.
    I first got 33,500, than my latest, i broke the 35,000 mark.
    Do i have the highest Nexus 5 score to date?

    08-05-2014 04:25 PM
  2. Kyle Handy's Avatar
    Better yet, does anyone think it would be possible to hit 40,000?
    Attached Thumbnails Highest Benchmarking Score?-screenshot_2014-08-05-17-11-27.jpg   Highest Benchmarking Score?-screenshot_2014-08-05-17-11-21.jpg  
    08-05-2014 04:28 PM

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