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    I have installed X Halo floating windows along with Halo and Exposed Installer on my Galaxy 4 Tab. The tab is rooted. and I pinned two apps to open as floating windows. Something strange happens after the installation of the X Halo Floating Windows package: I can only open one app as a floating window ( The Kindle e-reader and/or the FB Reader, not both. . When the app is open as a floating window of reduced size , I cannot open the second app from the main screen. The icon is inactive when I press it. In addition, the main desktop screen of the Tablet with all the apps has shrunken, the wallpaper has disappeared and the background is black. The apps can still.be opened from the Home screen, except the ones of the bottom row which are partially cut off from the bottom edge of the shrunken screen.
    Main thing, why all this and can I have two apps opened as floating windows?


    08-09-2014 08:51 AM

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