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    I have just dropped my phone and was wondering how you tell the difference between a broken screen and a broken LCD? I do have a photo and a link of the damage, but am unable to post it here as I am still new.
    08-20-2014 01:16 AM
  2. Jason1SA's Avatar
    S4 broken screen or lcd?-bvdfrlziqaeq3vw.jpg I have registered and have managed to upload a pic of the damage.
    08-20-2014 01:18 AM
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    The glass is definitely cracked. Whether any other layers are damaged isn't something you can tell in that picture. ("The screen" consists of 4 layers - from the outside in they're the glass, the digitizer, the LCD panel and the LED panel (which is what provides the light you see on the "screen", which is the LCD layer.)

    If the screen seems to be working - picture behind the crack, touching the screen around the area of the crack does the normal things - then you just need a glass replacement. Please find a shop that will do it for you. The glass is cheap. Taking out the broken one, if you don't have experience doing it, can damage the rest of the screen. (You have to melt the glue holding the glass on, evenly all over the glass, without overheating anything under it. If you don't, the screen will break into shards, tiny particles and flakes thinner than a razor blade edge. Then you'll have to heat each shard to get it off, use a magnifying glass and tweezers to get each particle off and transparent tape to pick up each flake - without damaging the screen underneath. Leave one flake on, and you'll be staring at the bubble it will make until you get rid of the phone.) So you save money on the glass replacement, but spend even more on replacing the whole screen. (And if you decide to do that yourself, and damage something inside, it costs even more. I've seen a DIY glass repair end up costing more than the no-contract price of a new phone. Pay for a professional to do it - it's cheaper.

    Or live with it. The only problem is that it will probably spread. If you can find some clear two-part epoxy, mix up a large drop, put it into the crack with the point of a toothpick and immediately wipe off (along the line of the crack, working to the top of the screen) any excess. (That way, if there's a drop left, it'll be on the white part, not on the part you have to look through.) The epoxy is tougher than the screen, so if you ever drop it again, that's one place that won't crack.

    This cat can be skinned a few ways - it's your choice.
    01-02-2015 11:51 PM

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