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    i have a LGMSp769 its rooted and unlocked if that makes a difference. recently i have been getting the msg "insufficient space available" when the phone tries to auto update apps, or if i try manually. i went through and deleted several apps, and cleared cache's, even downloaded the app that cleans system cache, the one touch something, and still get the msg. i cleared data on google play and google services apps, even uninstalled google play and reinstalled. still having issue. i have no idea what to try next , everything i have heard to fix the problem hasnt worked. open to any suggestions, ty for time and help.
    08-22-2014 11:55 PM
  2. Shawna P's Avatar
    my fix worked on my tablet, but maybe it will help you.
    After much internet searching and frustration, I discovered a solution that actually worked for me. The cache cleaning thing didn't work, so I kept reading and learned that android portions out the memory so you can have plenty of space, but if one area is full, you can get the insufficient memory rejection. So I downloaded a file manager app that let me see and open the files on my tablet and discovered that in the Android file folder many of the apps I had tried and uninstalled had left folders and files behind. 1 game I had deleted had really left most of the game there. They started with com. and had the name of the app in the folder name. I deleted those and suddenly had another gb in free space and my new apps would install. Later I got the message again and went back in and found another couple of folders, deleted those, and was able to another app I wanted. I hope this helps people who were as frustrated as I was!
    08-23-2014 11:18 AM

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