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    My Galaxy Tab 3 automatically updated itself to Android 4.4.2 today, and I immediately lost several major elements of functionality I need from the device. Is there a way to go back?

    (That's the whole question. I desperately want the previous, WORKING versions of what I had. Here are the details. Why would they DO this?? Or am I doing something wrong?)

    Three functional downgrades seen so far:

    (1) I use the Gallery to show 1000s of photos, stored on a microSD card always left in the tablet. The previous version stored the thumbnails somewhere, so that when Gallery opened a folder it showed all the thumbnails instantly, making browsing easy. The new version doesn't; when I open a folder, it takes almost 0.3 seconds to construct each thumbnail on the screen, unacceptable for multiple folders with ~3000 photos each, and the NEXT time I open the same folder, the same thing happens, so it's not even storing the thumbnails for future use.

    (2) Google Maps, which previously would store one complete offline map for a limited area, has had this feature seriously downgraded. With the new version that downloaded itself right after Kit Kat, you can save multiple named maps, BUT when you open a saved map offline and zoom in, there are almost no street names (except a few big ones), only street outlines.

    (3) My Files: When I go up or down a folder level into the SD card, it used to be almost instantaneous. Now it takes 30-40 seconds each time, which is ridiculous. Even when I want to close My Files I have to go to "Active Applications" and force it closed instead of using the back button.
    08-31-2014 04:11 PM
  2. Northern.dj's Avatar
    Yes there is
    Using some software called ODIN and the correct Firmware from Sammobile
    But you will have to do a Factory Wipe after as your rolling back
    08-31-2014 04:20 PM

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