1. AC Question's Avatar
    Dear Android,

    I dont ike so much the android why?

    Manu time i take out some google program from my mobile i never use them after some time alone instal without my permission
    so im forced ti have those program , in that way my phone i so slow

    Those program how i can out and after to not install alone
    09-02-2014 07:55 PM
  2. neonworm's Avatar
    09-02-2014 08:17 PM
  3. Akashymon The Viola Penguin's Avatar
    Could you please elaborate?

    Posted via the Android Central App
    09-02-2014 08:18 PM
  4. chetukyool's Avatar
    Those built-in apps... you can't remove them unless you root your device
    You can force close or freeze those apps, but they may affect your device
    11-28-2014 11:33 AM
  5. anon8380037's Avatar
    This is compelling reading.

    What phone do you have?

    You can disable built in apps easily in the Settings - Applications Manager / apps list.

    Regular apps shouldn't come back, but if you go to the Play Store app - My Apps, you can delete them from your list by touching the X on each.
    Maybe some sync setting is bringing them Back.

    From Android #1.
    11-28-2014 03:03 PM
  6. Rukbat's Avatar
    Having an app stored on your phone doesn't slow the phone down, only having it running does. If your car keeps running out of gas when you never start the engine, it's not because it has bad mileage, it's because there's a leak in the tank. You're blaming the wrong end of the problem.
    11-28-2014 11:33 PM

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