1. CMercs's Avatar
    I'm thinking of dumping Sprint, after almost 16 years, for T-Mobile (primarily I want SIM cards, but their $100 family plan is also motivating). However, I will miss the full GV integration.

    So, I understand that to do this I have two choices, transfer my number to GV and get a new cell # or transfer my # to T-Mobile and get a new GV number...

    My question is, whichever way I do this, can I still use Hangouts for all my SMS/MMS needs, both Carrier and GV, and switch between my SIM dialer and GV Dialer as needed?

    Next question is, Does the GV dialer work well or do you drop or garble calls when not on a stable wifi (weak cell spots, tunnels, etc.)?

    Third question, does T-Mobile provide any GV integration similar to Sprint?

    Final question is, what happens to my history when I switch (I'm assuming that it's attached to my Google ID and not my number).

    09-11-2014 08:33 AM
  2. cpaight's Avatar
    T Mobile doesn't have any GV integration....I migrated my cell number to Tmo and lost the ability to use that same number for GV. Now I've heard varying reports that this could be because I'm on the pre-paid plan and not a contract plan, or that if I get Tmo to disable my voicemail GV can be reactivated with my number....but I've never had it answered clearly enough to resolve the issue. I personally don't care about the calling, all I really miss is the ability to text over wifi from MY number and not some strange GV number.
    09-11-2014 10:16 AM

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