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    In an AppleInsider article about the graphic comparison between the iPhone and different android phones, the writter clearly stated that the reason why this happened was due to Android, and not due to the hardware they used. He said it was the platform itself the one to blame for the poor results all those phones showed against not only the iphone 6 but the iphone 5s.
    Is this true in anyway, or just pure fanboy cr*p? I thought since the very latest versions of Android this had changed, specially after I seeing KitKat running in a Moto G, when I started to realize Android was indeed very, very fast and the problem with it was not Android but the OEM layer (TouchWiz particularly).
    Are we still, Android users, well behind iOS graphic quality? And, if this is true, why is Google not aware of this?
    10-06-2014 01:27 AM

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