1. shetach's Avatar
    One of the frustrating things about chrome is when you open it, it automatically opens the page(s) you last had open.
    The problem is if you were downloading something direct from the web, when you reopen it, it will start downloading again.
    Is there an option somewhere to make chrome open to a blank Google page, or better yet, to set a home page?
    This is something that blackberry (yikes, remember them?) Had years ago, and it's embarrassing that google has yet to incorporate this into android.

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    10-19-2014 09:07 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Chrome doesn't have a homepage option. If you want to close out of pages, you have to open the tabs page and then swipe pages away (or tap the X, if you're using the tablet version). If you close all of them prior to leaving Chrome, then the next time you open it, you'll be prompted to open a New Tab, which will be the default Chrome New Tab page.

    Personally, I wouldn't characterize it as embarrassing. I think it was just a decision on Google's part not to include a homepage function, based on how most people use a mobile browser. You could always install a 3rd party browser like Dolphin or the many others that do have a homepage function--many of them also allow you to sync Chrome bookmarks as well.
    10-19-2014 09:25 PM
  3. shetach's Avatar
    I hear you.
    I still think it's a basic function. The main issue is not whether you can set a home page or not. The main issue is reloading pages (or downloads) that you are done with, without having to close individual pages. No other app reloads everything you were doing. If you close gmail while reading an email, and reopen gmail, it won't reload and open up to that email.

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    10-19-2014 10:57 PM
  4. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Fair enough. Send Google feedback on that! Open Chrome, tap Menu, then Help & Feedback, and give them your two cents--and tell all of your friends to do so as well.
    10-19-2014 11:51 PM

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