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    OK. I have this crappy S5 (Yes I hate this phone to death!) Anyway, So it recently started doing this fun little glitch where the phone would be locked no one would be touching it. It would just be sitting there doing absolutely nothing. Then I'd go to unlock it and it would send the following message "You have exceeded the max 5 attempts please wait 30 seconds" Which at first didn't really bother since it only took half a minute before I could unlock it. Well I went to unlock my phone today and the message displayed again. So I clicked OK, Then it appeared again and again and again ect. So then it prompts me for my alt password. I either don't remember it or it is just not willing to take my passwords (All the passwords I would use were entered to no end). I figured I'd try and remove the battery but it appears I am out of luck in that this info on swipe attempts is either not stored in ram or there is a CMOS battery. Any Ideas? Also on a side note, There has been another odd thing going on with my phone. Whenever I plug it into the charger it always goes to the lock screen alt password. There has been times where I'd lock it and it would go back to this screen. I would prefer to not format the device as I have photos and videos on the device I'd like to keep. All help is appreciated.
    10-25-2014 08:13 AM
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    Welcome to AC.☺

    One or two thoughts occur to me....Have you got an SD card in the phone? If corrupt, it may be causing problems.
    Also, is it possible that you've installed some third-party apps which may be causing some conflict or misbehaving?

    If you can boot into Recovery, try a Cache Partition wipe. You sound tech-savvy but here's how if you've forgotten what buttons to press etc.

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    10-25-2014 08:27 AM
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    The cache thing did not end up working sadly. I ended up contact AT&T and of course they recommended I just delete everything! But what ended up working was what Samsung had me do. I logged into my google account used a link they provided me and I could change my Alt password via google. Something I never knew about! Quite the the useful feature! Thanks for the help belodion!
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    10-25-2014 10:18 AM

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