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    I'm using Moto X 2nd gen, which runs almost pure android (which I love!). Got ajays five for android and got burned by it, because the volume controls wouldn't work as they advertised! And also the irking problem was when I installed the controller app for ajays, when I clicked middle-button, it opens up voice command ... Then I was looking up Klipsch s4A (as I was assured that 3-button mic never works on moto X), and came across reviews complaining the same problem for this earphone also. So, is there any decent/hassle free earphone I can buy for my otherwise amazing phone?

    P.S. : This is my first android device.. previously an apple customer.. I particularly chose Moto X, because the touch response was snappy comparable to iOS. So, far Im loving this phone, except the lack of a good earphone choice as music experience is vital to me!
    10-30-2014 12:39 AM

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