What is a good alternative to my Samsung Galaxy S9?


Apr 5, 2014
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I replaced my Motorola Moto X4 with a Samsung Galaxy S9 and I don't like it. I picked it up as an unlocked, refurbished unit for $196.99 which I thought was a good deal. The volume buttons are unworkable on the left, the Bixby button is annoying (though I did disable it), the "dual speakers" are weak and I can't root it. The size though is pretty nice and the Samsung voice to text is quite good. Anyway I want to replace the S9 with something that suits me better.

I don't care about release year, brand, cores, ram, sim cards, screen resolution, camera or battery. In fact if the networks still supported it I'd go back to my HTC One M8 in a heartbeat.

What I need is a phone with Android, a smaller size, 4G, button placement on right, rootable and works in the United States on Xfinity (Verizon network). Fingerprint scanner would be nice. I would like to stay under $300 but I could go up to $400 if it's the right phone and I will be seeking a used/refurbished unit if it's available.

I could really use some help as the GSMArena site doesn't filter on phone availability in the USA or let you filter out certain manufacturers. Basically there are way too many to compare quickly. Thank you very much for any opinion or insight.
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B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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I am currently checking out the Pixel 4a but the lack of a back button is putting me off. Though it's the closest thing I've seen to my requirements. Thank you very much!

What do you mean by a Back button? Do you mean a navigation Back button? You can still choose button navigation over gesture.

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