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    S3 Blaze
    Android 4.04

    Hi, after a year of use I have this annoying occurrence with my home screen when I set an alarm. My home screen goes from my two-page setup with app icons on entire screen to a homepage where there are a few icons on the bottom of screen. I can edit to add icons and also can toggle on/off AccuWeather and "Time/Calendar display".

    Also, incoming calls are defaulting to speaker.

    I haven't set any widgets or docking that I know of. I have not downloaded any launchers. I am using alarm that came with phone.

    I can X out to get to the rest of my icons and phone. In the past, this "view" has went away the next day after deleting any alarms which I set up.

    Here is pic of what I don't want but has taken over: photobucket.com/user/tdus1/media/PhoneDontWantThis_zpsbce43632.jpg.html

    I've searched exhaustedly for a solution. Help would be appreciated.
    10-30-2014 06:45 PM

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