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    internal memory is low cant get it sorted
    11-07-2014 10:15 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central! Review this guide: http://forums.androidcentral.com/amb...-warnings.html
    11-07-2014 10:44 AM
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    You have a liter container. There's 95 ml of liquid in it. How do you get more room?

    The only way to make more space in the phone is to uninstall apps you don't use all the time. If you back them up (using App Backup & Restore or, if you want to save the app's data as well, Helium), you can reinstall them as you need them, then uninstall them. (Before uninstalling an app, back it up [with or without its data - if it backs up its own data you don't have to back it up again], go to Settings/General/Application manager, find the app and press it. Force stop it, clear cache and clear data. Then uninstall it. That way you don't leave unused data in the phone.)

    You can also go to Settings/General/Storage. Look for the Cache line. When it finishes calculating, if there's more than a few MB in there, press Cache and it'll clear the system cache. (Those are temporary files that apps made when they needed them. Some apps don't clear their cache when they stop running, or you left the app running and Android killed it. You won't lose any data by clearing cache.)

    Also back everything up, at least once a week. (You don't have to back up something that's backed up and hasn't changed, like a picture.) Delete everything you don't need on the phone all the time - like the family picture from last Christmas. The backup is enough. (Back up to at least 2 independent places - your computer and a cloud account, 2 cloud accounts, etc. So if the phone and one backup go bad at the same time, you still have a backup.) Check each backup before deleting the file. Making a bad backup of your baby's first steps, deleting it, then finding out that the backup is no good isn't nice. But do you really still need that picture in the phone every day, when your "baby" is already in school?

    Next time you get a new phone, make sure it has enough memory for about as long as you think you'll keep the phone, or longer.
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    11-07-2014 10:44 AM

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