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    Hi guys,

    I have a probled that I've been trying to fix for few days now but every time I think I found a new way out I find myself running against the wall again. Hopefully with Your help I can solve this problem...

    So I got a brand new LG G2 d802, inserted my SIM, calls and sms OK but no data. So I read that I need to set up APN setting. The thing is, there is no such option as APN under the menu, nowhere. Under Mobile network I have "Data enabled"
    "4G settings" "Network mode" and "Connection Optimizer". I searched everywhere, the APN option doesn't exist. Also gave it to look to a cellphone repair guy, he was also amazed, no such option. Then I decided to flash a ROM to fix it: Cyanogenmod 11 for LG G2. Everything was prepared but once I trIed to reboot to recovery mode, it just showed me the green android man and a text underneath it saying "Installing system updates" for 1 second and then started the phone normally. I read and tried many ways to access there but it just wont let me. I would just like to get my data working again, by all mean necessary. Hopefully You tech experts can help me

    Thank You in advance
    11-08-2014 02:18 AM

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