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    Here's what happened tomy Sasmsung Galaxy S3 after installing lucking patcher V5.3 on an unrooted phone.


    When I open any browser, be it chrome, firefox, etc. it takes at least 10 seconds for it to open. In the meantime it is either still on the home screen or wherever I was before or it goes to a black screen which it stays black until I lock it and type in my password, which it sometimes will open the browser. If it doesn't a message will pop up saying "Unfortunately, Chrome has stopped." It gives me the option to report or just hit ok which then takes me back to the previous screen.

    When I'm typing it takes forever to catch up to where I am. Very rarely it crashes due to too many requests being given to the phone because of the lag.

    Games hardly ever open anymore and if they do the app crashes

    Going from current destination to the previous by holding down the home button is the worst. It takes FOREVER for all of my previous destinations to show up. It sometimes crashes my phone completely. When it does I have to take out the battery and put it back in.

    Phone freezes occasionally as well.

    All of this started last night after I installed luckypatcher on an unrooted phone (the app does work, though. But, if this is the source to all these issues I'm uninstalling it and the games I modified with it then re-installing the games from the play store.) and modified some games with luckypatcher.

    Oddly enough, the games I modified have the least of the issues.

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Captivate which should get here tomorrow in case my phone is completely ruined.

    Please, please, please help. How can I fix this?
    01-01-2015 03:38 PM

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