1. Remon Ray's Avatar
    i really need your help guys
    things i would like to point up is .
    i am not professional in android platform
    so " step by step " comments is very helpful

    Tybe : Tablet
    Model : City Call c761
    V : Android 4.0.4 " ICS "

    my problem started when all the sudden i was getting error messages
    i didn't read them back then i clicked ok
    i thought giving the device a restart will solve the problem
    so i restarted my tablet .
    the tablet stuck on android logo FOREVER !!
    so before asking for help i tried to solve the problem myself

    i found the recovery mode method
    first i got there by " Power + Volume - "
    i found weird chinese language . can't understand a thing

    i searched to find a fix for that
    i went into recovery mode " Power + Volume - "
    replacing " - " with " + " solved the chinese language issue
    so i went down and select " Wipe / Data Reset "
    the device finished the process successfully .
    then i have done a " restart "
    to find out that the problem still there " Exactly "

    i did another search to find out that my rom maybe " collapsed "
    and my rom need to be RE-Install .
    i did another search to find the appropriate rom for my device
    i have found lots of roms but none of them support my device
    until i finally got a rom from someone who claims that this rom
    support my device . and i am downloading the rom at the moment .

    the most important
    how to install the rom . i have found a few methods
    1 - connect ,my tablet via usb cable .
    i don't thing that this method is the best in my case
    because my tablet stuck at boot screen

    2 - putting the " rom file " on SD Card .
    i have sd card " 16gb " i can manage this
    but some peoples are saying that the rom is a " zip file "
    but the rom i am downloading right now is " IMG file "
    so do i miss something here ??!!
    some peoples saying i should but the zip file in internal memory
    and the img file in the external memory
    but how can i get an access to external or internal memory
    in a time when my tablet won't even stat at all !!

    so i have a very misunderstanding right now
    what is the " img file that i am downloading "
    and what is the " zip file " which i don't have at all
    i was reading that from the recovery mode i should select
    install update from sd
    they are saying that this method doesn't work !
    some says i should delete all files from my sd card !
    what i need ?
    a simple instructions that i can follow along to install the rom
    thanks .
    01-04-2015 07:24 PM
  2. Remon Ray's Avatar
    anyone ?
    01-05-2015 04:42 PM

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