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    Please,...Help,...I am a New smartphone owner,...have followed advice from web on what you are able to - Dis - able on droid turbo,...( Pretty sure this is basis for issue ),...Purchased 3 droid turbos,...set them All up identically,..( I think ),...downloade3d " Wheres my droid "...on all 3,..works on 2 of them " Very Well ",...3rd one doesn't even receive the command,...No idea where to begin process of elimination,...my thinking is that i have a box checked/un checked somewhere on device that directly affects the app 's functioning properly,...figured out that " Background data " needs to be allowed,...and app itself needs to be at the very least...opened at beginning of day to work,...have done this on the non working phone as well...still ...commander continues to say " Command Sent "...with NO results,....( Question,...and - no matter HOW i phrase or keyword it..i can NOT find Anything referincing it Anywhere ) : " What - if Any - support apps HAVE to be running in order for " Wheres my droid " To function properly ?...and - Are there Specific settings on the " Droid Turbo "...that i " MAY " have Checked/ Unchecked - that are necessary,...AND - YES,...before i get alot of Pointless help suggesting the Obvious,...- YES...location is at high accuracy,...background data is NOT restricted,....app itself is on ( Far as i can tell,...its Not mi nimized,...but i can still find other 2 phones in same mode....simply put,...- " What am i missing here that needs to be running that i may have disabled or dont have checked ???????? "
    01-23-2015 08:13 PM

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