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    Hello everyone
    I m having serious trouble with my new 64gb Sandisk Ultra SDXC card in my Galaxy S5
    I had a 32gb Kingston, an HDSC card, which i synced with itunes using tunesync or something, without any trouble.
    I have ever since been using Jriver and Media Monkey for music.
    So when i tried touse them to sync to my new Sd Card i kept having problems. Meaning, even when the process completed without errors, the phone didn't behave normaly.
    It wouldn't properly recognize it anymore and when i rebooted it started checking for errors. When after some minutes it completed, it was working perfectly BUT whereas i had left a 1 Gb free space before it now showed me that it had a 55-56 gb free space!!! I went into the Music folder created by MEdia Monkey and Jriver, i formated and used both from scratch, it had all the folders, in a structure of Artist - Album, but only the folders up until B or C had music files in them!!! Whereas the media players and windows explorer showed me that the transer of all the files was successful, meaning they all showed 1gb free space before i rebooted the phone.
    I went on to using the card reader of my brothers laptop, and used SDFormater to Format the card successfully. I suspected a faulty card so i also used the Overwrite Erase option that basically writes in all the sectors of the card. It naturally took a lot of time but finished WITHOUT ANY ERRORS. So i tried to sync it through the card reader, using media monkey and my portable library, in a portable hard disk so it was easy. Once again the SAME THING HAPPENED.
    I also tried formating it in my phone and then syncing it again through the card reader and it still worked the same way.
    Considering the limitations of KitKAt and Android L, i am running the new Android 5.0 in my S5, imposed in external Sd cards i was thinking that maybe there is a size limit to any folder outside the ANDROID folder, the only space that the OS lets apps write. Because what is left in those folders, the remaining songs, are flawlessly recognized by Poweramp and play correctly. My sdcard even passes the tests of A1 SD Bench.
    Can anyone confirm this or has anyone ever had a similar problem?
    Any suggestions?
    Thanks in advance
    I am using Windows 8.1, the laptop had Windows 7 and the latest edition of Media Monkey and JRiver
    01-29-2015 01:14 AM

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