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    How can I find out if my husband is removing a secret memory card from his rooted phone? Some of his apps say they are on SD card but there isn't one in the phone. Also how can I find out if he is hiding any pictures videos etc in a vault of some sort. Or what other email accounts he may have. I logged on to his google account and it said a Nexus 4 had logged in one day the same day genie9 was used or gcloud. I feel he is hiding something on a SD card and removing it when he is home..or he may be tethering to another device. It makes no sense es file explorer shows an 8gig SD card but he doesn't have one inserted. A couple of years ago he asked me to put his pictures on the computer from his phone and I found porn he hasn't used a memory card since that I have seen.. He seems distant and defensive. He works in the oilfield 2 weeks at a time. I just need to know how to see files even if memory card was removed. I need peace of mind My gut doesn't feel right. Please help. I don't want to accuse him if he is doing nothing wrong. He knows I know his Gmail and can see his dashboard search history etc. And also read his texts from verizon. He is getting to smart lol or I am crazy Lie detector? Key logger? Is there a way to see that a memory card is being removed...
    02-13-2015 03:05 AM
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    The 8G SD card shown in ES File Explorer is internal memory, not an actual removable SD card. That's why it shows up without a card in the phone. The Nexus 5 I'm typing this on lists a SD card in File Explorer but doesn't even have a SD slot. It's just kind of a legacy terminology in Android.

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    I won't help you to spy on him. I won't help him spy on you.

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    02-13-2015 03:39 AM

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